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LINC Mourns the Loss of Our Beloved Founder, Mimi Levin Lieber


“Literacy is the basis for every kind of learning in the 21st century. Reading is the skill that makes everything else possible. Being sure every child becomes a good reader in time to become successful in school, and in life, has become an absolute necessity.” 

-Mimi Levin Lieber, LINC Founder


Literacy Inc. mourns the loss of our beloved founder Mimi Levin Lieber, a lifelong education justice and children’s advocate. Mimi started Literacy Inc. twenty five years ago to make literacy a right of all children and worked with LINC colleagues to fight for universal literacy until her last breath. Her passion and dedication to LINC’s mission inspires us to work with urgency every day. We honor her by committing to accelerate our resolve to end the literacy crisis that negatively affects children throughout New York City. 

LINC 20th Anniversary Video featuring Mimi (2016)

"I have known all my life that building and strengthening communities is one of the best ways to help children, my own and everyone else's. The effect of community on children is now borne out by all kinds of current research."

- Mimi Levin Lieber

NY1 "New Yorker of the Week" Mimi Levin Lieber (2014)

"If you grew up with someone pulling out a marvelous, beautiful picture book and putting you on a cozy lap when you were fussy, then that also becomes intuitive with your own children and habit-forming for you both."

LINC Staff Meeting Video featuring Mimi

"Our democracy is obviously at stake. The American Dream relies on the preservation of honesty and equality in our social institutions."

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